Dorit Gur was born in Israel in 1969. Drawn to art at a young age, her studies focused on painting, sculpture and pottery, but she also had a keen interest in calligraphy and Kabbalah.  Her work is characterized by strong colors, and combines the techniques of acrylic painting and free hand calligraphy.

Strongly influenced by biblical themes, Dorit’s work centers on Kabbalistic topics: the 72 names of God, the Tree of Life, Creation, and Beginning. Her first painting was about the alliance between Noah and God, and the acceptance of every human being for who they are.  The “Bereshit” paintings for which she is widely known depict the creation of the world as we know it, and convey her yearning to experience the harmony that existed in the beginning.

Dorit has exhibited her work in many single artist exhibitions in Israel, and her paintings have been sold to collectors all over the world. First represented by a gallery in Safed, the Jewish spiritual center overlooking the Sea of Galilee, Dorit now owns her own gallery in Old Jaffa, the artist quarter of Tel Aviv, and plans on opening another gallery in Safed later this year.